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The Story Of The Motivation Of A Dented Coin


![IMG_20190111_072952.jpg]( Once, a man came out of his yard, walking uncertainly with despair. He has been unemployed for quite a long time. His family's financial condition was messy. While his neighbors were busy filling the house with luxury goods, he was still struggling to think about how to fulfill his family's basic needs for clothing and food.   His children haven't bought clothes for a long time, his wife is often angry because she can't buy decent household items. The man could not stand this condition, and he was not sure that this trip would bring good luck, namely getting a job.   When the man was walking down the lonely road, suddenly his feet hit something. Out of curiosity he bent down and took it. "Uh, just an old coin that has been dented," he muttered disappointed. Nevertheless he took the coins to a bank.   "We recommend that you take the coin to the old money collector," said the teller. The man followed the advice of the teller, bringing the coin to the collector. Luckily, the collector appreciated the coin for 30 dollars.   So happy, the man began to think about what he would do with this windfall. When passing a tool shop, he saw several pieces of wood being sold out. He could make a few shelves for his wife because his wife had said they had no place to store pots and jars. After buying wood for 30 dollars, he carried the wood and went home.   On the way, he passed the workshop of a furniture maker. The eyes of the workshop owner were trained to see the wood the man carried. The wood is beautiful, the color is good, and well-known quality. Incidentally at that time there was an order for furniture. He offered 100 dollars to the man.   Looked doubtful in the man's eyes, but the craftsman assured him and could offer him ready-made furniture for the man to choose. Incidentally there was a closet that his wife would love. He swapped the wood and borrowed a cart to carry the cupboard. He immediately took it home.   On the way he passed a new housing estate. A woman who was decorating her new home looked out the window and saw the man pushing a cart containing a beautiful cupboard. The woman lured and bid the price of 200 dollars. When the man seemed hesitant, the woman raised his offer to 250 dollars. The man agreed. Then return the cart to the craftsmen and go home.   At the village door he paused and wanted to make sure the money he received. He reached into his pocket and counted sheets worth 250 dollars. At that time a robber came out of the bushes, brandished a dagger, seized the money, then ran away.   The wife of the man happened to see and ran to her husband while saying, "What happened? Are you okay? What was taken by the robber? "   The man shrugged his shoulders and said, "Oh, nothing. Only a dented coin I found this morning ".   If we realize we have never had anything, why should we sink into excessive pain?
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