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News from Indonesia, Balongan Oil Refinery Burned, But no casualties.



Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Indramayu Regency predicts that the fire at the Pertamina RU VI Balongan oil refinery has only been extinguished for three days. Acting Secretary of BPBD Indramayu Caya Regency said that fire extinguishing could not only take one day. "Only to extinguish it for three days to completely extinguish," said Caya to, Monday (29/3).

Caya explained that the blackout was difficult because one of the tanks that exploded was still filled with oil. "Because one is full, two tanks are empty. There are three tanks on fire, right," he said. Balongan Refinery Fire: 29 minor injuries, 6 serious injuries. Based on Pertamina's explanation, Caya said the extinguishing equipment needed was different from the tools used to extinguish fires in general. "If a building fires with only one tool, if it has to use three tools and we have to use chemical (materials) not only use water," he explained.

To overcome this, said Caya, BPBD has coordinated with Pertamina, the Regional Government of Indramayu Regency, and other related parties. In addition, the Indramayu fire department, he said, had already asked the Cilacap fire department for assistance. "Now we are bringing in equipment from Cilacap," he said. Currently, Caya said there are around 912 people who are still displaced. They, he said, could not return home until the fire was completely extinguished.

"After the fire goes out, there will be a technical team from Pertamina to assess whether it is safe or not. If it is safe, the residents can return home," he said. 6 Residents Got Fired at the Refinery After the Nisfu Syaban Recitation Separately, the Head of Indramayu Damkar, Joni Takarasel, also said that the fire was still in the area of ​​Pertamina RU IV, Balongan. However, he made sure that the flames would not spread widely. "To the public, there is no need to panic. I was standing in front of the fire site and we members have already entered, and have seen that the fire conditions are isolated inside," he said in front of the large flames and puffs of smoke in the video uploaded by @androsalman.

He further emphasized that the flames would not devour residents' houses. So, residents don't have to worry. "There is a small possibility that it can creep out of the Pertamina complex, so people do not need to panic. Stay at home and stay alert," he added.

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