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Historical gathering organized by Jamiat.


Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.
Hello friends how are you all? I hope the mercy of the creator is very good, I am also very well by the mercy of the creator, I am healthy. What I will share with you today is that last Friday Jamiat-e-Islami Grand Conference was held. The ulama in Bangladesh have been oppressed and persecuted, that is why the Islamic groups of Bangladesh have taken to the streets with the slogan of emancipation of the ulama.

What is the condition of many Ulama Keram living in prison? I saw in a video yesterday when Allama Mamunul Haque Sahib was being taken from the jail to the court, Allama Mamunul Haque Sahib was giving the riches of Allahu Akbar repeatedly, then the police officer was telling Mamunul Haque Sahib to stop this slogan, Allama Mamunul Haque Sahib was saying why should I stop this slogan? That Kulangar police was sitting in the jail and said, I want to tell that police officer that the trial will happen one day, keep waiting, this Kulangar police will be tried hard in the land of Bengal, God willing.

Allama Mamunul Haque Sahib has given the wealth that because of giving wealth shakes the masnad of the invalid and shakes the heart of the invalid. The heart of this police officer was shaken by the sound of Allama Mamunul Haque Sahib, that's why he kept saying stop this slogan stop this slogan I want to say to that police officer in high language you have been appointed as a servant of people, being a police officer you want to stop the slogan of the name of Allah? Wait, be patient, you will be judged harshly on the soil of Bengal, you will be judged harshly. This day is not a day, there are more days, I will take this day to that day is a proverb.

Today the ulama are being tortured and you as a police officer speak against the slogans of Allah who wants to stop the chanting of the name of Allah who wants to be stopped listen listen this day is not far away this day is not far away Ashir soon the Muslims will be angry soon the Muslims will be victorious It will be that those terrorist officers named as police will be brought under health, of course they will be severely punished inshallah. As of today, all these supporters of purification will be well, be healthy, I wish everyone good health, I am ending my short speech here, God Hafez.
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