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Hello good people of ,ifeel great and honored to be part of this great platform. There is a great saying in Africa that the one the without friends is a poor heard it right and this is really true as I was introduced to this steemit community by a good friend of mine.Am from Ghana west Africa. I was born and raised in the Northern part of the country.I belong to the dagomba tribe which is the major in the country. It is believed our ancestors hailed from Mali and came to settle in Ghana.Every year many people around the year ,far and near come to witness the rich culture of my people displayed during festivals. I am a student at one of the country's universities. Am a curious guy who want to know more and do more ,so I also research on things that I believe world dominate the world someday. So i have a bit into cryptocurrencies which I think would be the new payment system ,in some years to come. I love to explore new cultures lifestyles and the artistic beauty of different countries. Am passionate about writing ,I was wishing and hoping how to start my blog until I found steemit was given me the opportunity to pursue my passion ,I say a big thank you to the steemit team.I also want to write about my interest and what I know for people to read and solve a problem. I believe that not everyone knows everything but everyone knows something that he can tell the world about it.I love reading a lot ,I read books about life,personal finance and business books .I think those books can transform my life in a positive way. My friends always tell me to chill and have fun like going to the movies. Some has gone to extend knowing about football and they waste their time to debate about it without being paid for it.Many people just like to watch football and movies that's good though.But I see it not to good enough to be worth my time ,football and movie acting are people's professions,they are producing something about their lives and I think I high I also do something that people would like. I am a private person a ,I don't post myself on social or going to friends houses.I just like to be in small corner some where minding my own business.But even besides that am always with my family and close.i like to walk on the quiet street at night to ponder over things and relieve myself of the day's stress .I like the feel of the cool breeze air that blows at night .I had a scary encounter with some woman one day an till today what happened still remains a mystery to me.This is what happened as was walking the quiet street alone that night ,I came across a woman carrying a black pot and was also dressed in black clothes,'caba and sleet ' .The moment I saw this woman my he art just beat at once and she was just stirring at me ,so I even run backwards and left my slippers.I always find myself laughing when ever I remember this incident. The Akan people of Ghana having proverb that the one dancing does not know his back is bent ,on this note I want my reader to like a commen about my mistakes and suggestions on how I could have made this better.

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