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"The interpretation of dreams" - the first serious work of Sigmund Freud, the Austrian father of psychoanalysis. Maybe it's a fateful date, or maybe in the revolutionary monograph, but the first edition for a long time did not find buyers. In the "Interpretation of dreams" Freud first explained such an important phenomenon of psychoanalysis as the unconscious. But today we will look at some of the works of artists and sculptors, which are presented at the exhibition "Dreams without Freud."

Erarta Museum in St. Petersburg is an art project built on the poetics of dreams and expressive images of our parallel life. Artists have shown the most vivid imagination to show the visual side of the diversity of human dreams.

We spend most of our lives in sleep. And today it is very interesting how artists see the dreams of modern man. Damira Krivenko emphasized our view on the emergence of the Internet. In his paintings, the artist showed a new virtual reality gamer and hacker. All this state blurs the boundaries of reality. Many people, especially young people, have acquired a new state of virtual reality, which was not without the Internet and the slow speed of transmission and communication of information. The pictures are very attractive and colorful. This is a completely different world, with its adventures and dangers.

What dreams do you have? You analyze them? What your picture could be? What are the colors in your dreams or are they black and white? 29 people took part in this art project. The exhibition can be viewed until June 30, 2019 in St. Petersburg.

Until the beginning of the XX century, European scientists were sure that sleep is an analogue of death. But the dreams were interpreted as the irrepressible souls travel to distant worlds. Therefore, in Europe there was a pleasant tradition that forbade waking people. You will actively shake the roommate – will Wake up soulless. Sleeping children recommended to close the mouth to the soul is through him flew to go out in the night she followed only through the benevolent, otherwise she wouldn't have found your way back. And so on – until the danger of gulevychivna if suddenly will not close the lips. In every era of human development to sleep are different.

Do you know the joke about the fish on the counter? The buyer wants to know if it's alive. The seller convinces: "Yes, alive – just sleeping" – "Why does it smell bad?"– "And you are responsible for yourself when you sleep?"There are many amazing States associated with sleep. There are a lot of controversial analyses and scientific developments in the study of dreams. But our dream does not know about it, it just is as an integral part of human life. But the question is very interesting.

Today's scientists-somnologists urge to remember the smallest details of dreams. If you with an interval in some days, months and even years at night watch a dream TV series, maybe, even not on one subject, but with obligatory presence of the same character, object, a place of action, they need to be considered together, to compare, to pay attention to coincidences and differences. Dreams are in some way an intensive training of the body, preparing it for dangerous situations. Let's also draw our dreams and listen to them. After all, analysis is a very interesting process

Some artists dream of people from other planets who graze colorful goats in our fields. Also an interesting manifestation of the artist's thinking. One thing's for sure, we make our own lives. Our dreams are what position we take in life. And it is very important about sleep, can a person in a dynamic modern life to find a normal rest and relax completely. This is now the biggest problem - people do not know how to relax. Life makes you work hard and have little rest. The artists of the exhibition showed this problem in a great variety.

Let's learn to relax, then our work and sleep will be colorful and creative.

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Really awesome art..i love it