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2 months ago

 Hi friends! 

Today with great pleasure I share with you another modern art. We continue to travel to a large Museum in St. Petersburg, where we recently spent a wonderful time.

 Not in his mind - this is the name of the exhibition (Alexander Bruskin)

Each artist expresses his inner world and attitude to the outside world in different ways. We are all artists of our lives and everyone has their own attitude to everything that happens around. Today we'll look at paintings of contemporary artist Alexander Bruskin. I was very impressed by the vivid stories and semantic performances of the paintings.

In the 2000s, Alexander Bruskin bombed Moscow the walls with graffiti and tags. Now the artist works in more familiar media-painting and graphics, but he managed to keep the style of graffiti paintings with their grotesque and visual brightness. At the exhibition in "Erarta" show several dozen of his paintings. For polyarylates content with a mix of characters and images of popular culture can be traced to criticism of the consumer society and cults of violence and pleasure in the modern world.

Conquering the streets, Bruskin constantly turned to demonic images, however, in his paintings, he often depicts a person. The painter has his own special view of things and a rather original manner of perception of the world. The protagonist of the paintings exists in a special reality, where naturally coexist fornication, the cult of pleasure and violence. In spite of everything, he is able to keep everything under control. This artist surprised me quite much.

Usually people try to hide their dark side of the person. Should I? That's the question I asked myself after seeing the pictures. Of course, it is better to be always as it is, and not to seem that you are better or worse...

The artist Alexander Bruskin ironically makes fun of contemporary whims and desires. But frankly admits that he is pleased to deal with the dark images of the story of the individual. I will make a small digression about the Christian culture of our time. It is a pity when religion is turned into a fear of something. Religion is the love and development of the inner world of man and his soul. People are intimidated by the devil and the devil. People who live in fear are very easy to manage...

The modern artist shows that each person has his own heaven and hell. But I'm afraid this is not necessary. We come to this world learns and becomes cleaner and kinder. Therefore, you need to clearly understand your strengths and weaknesses and work towards development. Their dark corners of the soul must be rooted out, but not fear them...

The modern artist has found a way to work with his dark side of character - it's creativity. Thus, the energy is transferred to a bright channel and cleared of various bad thoughts.

How do you deal with the dark side of your character? What do you do to get better every day? Think about this question and try to give yourself an answer

Alexander's paintings are very energetic and bright. Very clearly shows all the dark sides of modern society. 

 I hope you enjoyed your little walk in contemporary art. Thank you for your attention!

 Until next time, @r3benok  

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