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All good!

Today I want to show some works of contemporary art, which I really liked in the Museum of Istanbul.

Specially selected lighting in the Museum gives a fabulous atmosphere. We wandered around the halls and I looked at the works of artists with amazement and delight. My attention was drawn to the sofa, which immediately did not pay attention. They thought it was just a couch to relax on. Nearby stood guard and would not leave. Well, of course, everyone wants to sit on this sofa to relax... The light is dimmed for the completeness of this exhibit. The guard is watching to ensure that the sleeping girl no one sat down...

The magnificent work of the Belgian sculptor Hans Op de Beeck "Sleeping girl" shocked me! I wanted to come up and Pat the girl's head. Everything is made in full size.

A lot of love is caused by this magnificent work! Features a sleeping and peaceful girls delight! All the lines and curves look so natural. Color attracts like a magnet...

The exhibition hall, where the center is located in the sofa with the sleeping girl. It's that amazing feeling when you merge with the work of the artist...

I specially photographed the work from different sides, so that you can also feel the beauty of creation.

All works of Hans Op de Beeck can be viewed on its official website. Who is interested in contemporary art, be sure to touch the works of the sculptor and artist.

The picture, which I would call "treatment therapy of love", caused a lot of emotions and pleasant sensations. Turkish artist Necla Rüzgar called her painting "Çok Kalpli Varlık". I translated it from Turkish as"the most heartfelt essence". The picture was painted in 2015

Look at this magnificence. All are United by tenderness, love and peace. As this is reminiscent of the complete unity of everything that exists in the Universe

Necla Ruzgar his work has already won many people. Exhibitions of paintings have been in various countries of the world. Other works of the artist can be found here.

Thank you for attention!

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Grandes obras en el Museo de Estambul.
excellent art.


agree, remarkable work

Each painting are combined of meaning. I see that. Thank you


And thank you my friend for stopping)

It's so beautiful! Thank you very much @cadr for sharing this!

Followed you.


I'm glad you enjoyed it.