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If the philosopher, poet, sage and Joker Omar Khayyam lived to this day, he would have been 970 years old! Can you imagine how much he could bring to the world of wisdom?! Dreaming is always useful... Such people only nominally go out of life. In people's memories forever!

The works of Omar Khayyam are still published in countless editions on all continents. This is not surprising. His poems are imbued with a peculiar formula of diversity of life. The poet's father definitely gave his son a name. After all, in the translation of Omar is the Life! In the variety of creativity of Omar Khayyam absolutely everyone finds a highlight.

Ancient Nishapur is the home town of Omar. It was in this ancient Iranian city that the poet of eternity and wisdom was born 970 years ago. He went through a difficult life path and died at the age of 83. He studied science in his city and other famous centers of education, including Samarkand and Balkh.

Creative search of Omar Khayyam is one of the amazing manifestations of human development in the history of culture of the inhabitants of Central Asia and Iran. What can I say, his work is important for the whole world! Especially in our era, when a person begins to think about the lost human essence. More and more modern people in search of themselves and their real inner world. Omar Khayyam all his life looking for the real meaning of life. He tried to change the world, helped people to move away from religious fanaticism, discovered new laws of nature, worked on mathematical diversity... It was very important for him to be free from obsessions and to be happy in harmony with nature.

Omar Khayyam gives a very high rating in poetic and life aspects to a person and his best qualities:

Many in the works of Omar Khayyam contradictions with the outside world. He has his own world of internal and external structure, which in many ways does not coincide with the realities of life. Having met many difficulties and injustice, the noble dreams of the poet are broken. In his works, he says that you can not change fate. While hitting pessimism:

Despite the shadow of pessimism of the great poet, he fervently and uncontrollably loved life. Only the wave of protests raging in the soul of the poet about the imperfection of realities. Omar Khayyam spent his last years in a hermit's life in his city. Only books were at this time his real friends and colleagues. These years were especially difficult for the poet, he writes:

Creativity and scientific inquisitiveness of Omar Khayyam is another proof that the spiritual and life development of a person never stops. No force in the world can stop it if a person does not want it. Omar's legacy has served and will continue to serve humanity as an eternal star, as a page of peace and development!

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