Watergarden Istanbul (continuation)

2 months ago

You originally saw a large swimming pool in the photos. The main attraction of Watergarden is definitely a singing fiery water fountain!

In the morning, the fountain is prepared for presentation. At the edges of the pool are a Board that tells us when the show will begin.

The fountain with different figures of water can be viewed forever. All cafes and restaurants are located so that the view is well viewed.

Water jets alternate with fire fireworks to the music. During the day it looks less interesting than in the evening. But the picture is amazing! During the fiery eruptions are screams and cries of pleasure. Untrained people get a little scared.

The fountain has many faces with its variety.

Pleasant walks on the territory of Watergarden.

All buildings and structures fit perfectly into the complex. It's amazing. After all, from all sides skyscrapers, but they do not put pressure on the perception.

All multi-tiered institutions are covered with various greens. At the fountain with so much green is not terrible summer heat.

There are 10 cinemas for every taste on the territory of the complex Watergarden. Artists and musicians often perform here. Has its own mini-theater.

While we were admiring the beauty of the complex, we were attacked by cows with musical instruments. They all cheer! People next to them were dancing.

What lovely cows! They even had their own shepherd, who gave something to the children. Here are different fun promotions.

The drums were very loud:) Everyone enjoyed taking pictures with such cuties.

The cows went in a circle to please all with its music and look.

That's what joy the children gave funny cows.

Such cheering the action was organized by one of the private colleges of Istanbul.

The complex has a large supermarket Migros, where you can buy everything you need for the house.

Internal spaces of the complex.

Prices of underground Parking. Parking can be free if you make purchases on-site TRK Watergarden 50 Lira. That's a little over $ 10.

On the streets of new Atasehir.

After a couple of minutes away we drive again to the old Atasehir. I think you can clearly see the contrast of the wonderful Istanbul.

Now again, look at the buildings we were in. A 30 minutes walk from the border of old and new Atasehir. The location of Mustafa Kemal street is very optimal. The transport interchange is magnificent. After some time, all the old buildings will be completely demolished. Probably, there will be a nostalgia on such old structures. Now people are puzzled where they will be resettled. Though many in the old Atasehir not even the documents for the house and land.

Watergarden is a very beautiful holiday complex, I advise you to visit if possible. Especially beautiful at night, everything is burning and shining lights. The fountain is fully illuminated. Romantic and beautiful complex of Istanbul is the best. It was only a small journey in the district of Atasehir. I hope you enjoyed your walk!

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Beautiful photography mate the water fountain and the reflection from the building really great also your son's photography too is really great too mate. Are you on vacation in Istanbul?


I lived there for a few years.